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Interested in Brazilian Waxing in Bellevue?

You want to look and feel your best every day. The choice between a bikini and Brazilian waxing in Bellevue can make all the difference. Each different service involves quick, effective, and long-lasting removal of hair on your bikini line and other private areas.

When you get a professional wax from the trained technicians at Corinne Bauer, you get the best results around in the most comfortable and caring environment.

What Brazilian Waxing Can Do For You

  • Remove unwanted and unsightly hair for a longer period of time
  • Encourage thinner and finer regrowth
  • Get smoother skin from gentle exfoliation
  • Enjoy greater self-confidence and comfort

The Brazilian Wax Procedure in Bellevue

If you are ready to schedule your first Brazilian waxing in Bellevue, you may be a bit nervous about the procedure. Experienced clients understand that, while there may be some discomfort, repeated visits get easier and easier. Also, there are many ways to prepare to minimize potential issues and important aftercare tips to follow to look and feel your best.

Three Tips to Prepare for Your Wax

At Corinne Bauer, we do everything possible to make your visit relaxing and enjoyable. When you do some preparation before your waxing appointment, everything goes more smoothly.

  1. Do not shave or otherwise remove your hair for at least two weeks before your wax appointment. The hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long so the wax strips can grip onto it tightly.
  2. Shower before your Brazilian waxing in Bellevue appointment and gently exfoliate the area where your hair will be removed. This not only helps the hairs come out more easily, but also helps protect your skin during the process.
  3. Relax! Thousands of women and men experience waxing every day all across the country. As long as you stretch out, deep breathe, and take everything in stride, your experience will go well. You may want to take an over-the-counter pain pill on the day of your appointment.

Aftercare Tips for Your Comfort

Any waxing appointment removes majority of visible hairs, but it can also irritate skin. Minimize the chance of redness and discomfort by following these important tips.

  1. Give your skin time to recover. Do not use harsh soaps, lotions, or other products on the irritated skin for a day or so after your Brazilian waxing in Bellevue.
  2. Wear soft underwear and other clothing to avoid irritation. Also, avoid rigorous exercise, tanning, intimate activity, and saltwater for at least 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Do not shave before your next appointment. You should notice your hair growing back thinner than ever before. This will make your next Brazilian wax easier.

Enjoy the Best Brazilian Waxing in Bellevue

At Corinne Bauer, we do everything possible to make your experience comfortable, safe, and relaxing. You want to look your best on the beach and in the bedroom and feel your best every day. With proper preparation and aftercare, your Brazilian waxing experience will be ones you sign up for again and again with the right team who understands how to take care of your needs from start to finish.

Certified Advanced Technician

Corinne Bauer

Corinne Bauer is an award-winning Aesthetician with 39 years of experience. She has trained with the leading Plasma Pen, Dermaplaning, microblading and shading masters in Europe.

Through her many years of practice within the aesthetics industry, Corinne has learned about the importance of education through providing a full spectrum of result oriented treatments to her clients.

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